About us

EC Engineering is one of the best railway design offices in Europe.

We employ over 150 well-trained engineers. They participate in the design of the fastest trains in Germany, Italy or China, as well as other vehicles, among others: in Austria, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Romania and Canada. The company has the status of a Research and Development Center granted by the Minister of Economy in 2009.

Every year we increase our presence on foreign markets.

Thanks to many years of cooperation with the leader in the production of rail vehicles, the Bombardier Transportation company, we have participated in the preparation of the ZEFIRO high speed train project for the Chinese and Italian markets.

Since 2004, we have also been involved in many aviation-related programs, including the construction of Airbus A380 and Airbus A350 aircraft.

We also deal with production since 2010. The 160EC pantograph, constructed by EC Engineering specialists, became our first and flagship product. We also currently manufacture modern vacuum toilets and other railway components. A breakthrough moment was the joining of our forces with PZL Mielec Tool Plant in 2012. Since then, we have also become a significant producer of aviation and railway manufacturing equipment.

We confirm the dynamic development of the company through participation in the largest engineering projects in the world, as well as participation in key fairs: InnoTrans in Berlin and Paris Air Show in Le Bourget near Paris.

The main departments of our company are:

  •     Rail
  •     Aviation
  •     Software sales
  •     Production
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